Best Friend Lied To Me

Story shared by Cynthia Cole

“My bestie, Tara, slept with some guy she met at the club and just found out she is a few months pregnant. She came to me to talk it out and listen to what I have to say since the bastard dumped her after a one night’s stand.

I watched a heartbreaking abortion video a few years back and it broke my heart to bits and pieces. I told Tara about it and she seemed all ears, especially since she seem to understood that aborting a few months old fetus is similar to murder.

A week later, she called to say she had a miscarriage and she sounded really sad. However, when I dropped by her workplace days later to cheer her up, I found out from her colleagues that it was not a miscarriage at all – and that she actually proceeded with the abortion. To make it worse, she is still seeing that same bastard.

Really, what is the point of pretending to understand what I have to say when she is not going to listen anyway? Does she not see me as a friend anymore? Was attention all she wanted?”


Using Your Friend

Story shared by iAMlikeWHATEVER

” There is this ‘friend’ I pretend to like because I realized she has been using me to contact guys. It all started when she said she wanted to borrow my phone to ‘look at photos’. Now almost every single guy I am contacting with is also keeping in touch with her. I find it bloody annoying because now she is all they talk about or vice-versa. UGH!”