My Mother Hates My Boyfriend

Story shared by Gal Anonymous

“As much as i loathe to admit it, my mother HATES my boyfriend, Zef. She hated him the first time she ever saw him and even after being three years together, she still hates him. It’s not that Zef is a badass or something. My mother said it’s his face and appearance that she dislikes. Because of this, sneaking and hiding facts from the both of them becomes very tiring as I try to be as honest as possible.

My mother means the world to me. She’s really a simple-minded, old-fashioned lady who is also my best friend whereas Zef is a funny, open-minded romantic who’s always taking risks for me. Their differences are too much and hearing how much my mother strongly dislike the man I love over and over again drives me mad and sad at the same time. I envy my sister who is able to share even the littlest details about her relationship to my mother and receive advices.

How long should I let this go on?”



2 thoughts on “My Mother Hates My Boyfriend

  1. I went through a very similar situation, my mom ended up coming around, but as time went on with my boyfriend I began to see what her concern was with my relationship. I was young and deeply in love…even though I loved my family, I wanted to be on the phone with him and talk to him and see him ALL THE TIME. My relationship caused a rift between me and mom. She has since told me why…she felt like I went off and became lost in my relationship with him…and to an extent I did, I couldn’t see it when I was with him, but now that we have been on and off…I realize that when he is not around those friends and family that I was choosing him over were still around. Have a real talk (deep) with your mom and make sure that she understands your feelings for him. Moms want you to be happy, and if she understands that in expressing her dislike you are unhappy i believe she will make an effort to be more open to your relationship. Let her know that you love her and you love him and wish you could have the ability to share your love for him with her…you’re best friend. BEST OF LUCK

    ♥ Nikki Heartless ♥

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