He’s ONLY Kind To His Girlfriend

“A few nights ago, at a restaurant, I spotted my best friend having dinner with her boyfriend a few tables away. I was so happy for her as I could tell she was having the time of her life, laughing and smiling throughout. The only thing that bugged me was that her boyfriend was so bloody rude to the waitress – always cutting off what the waitress had to say and ordering one waitress/waiter after the other. Should I say something about it to my best friend? I love her to bits but I don’t want her to think I’m jealous and trying to take her happiness away.” – Anonymous

Answer: The answer is ‘yes’. Waiters/Waitresses are people too, and people have feelings. It’s already a pity they have to abide by the policy that “customers are always right” and for them to withstand humiliation from “bloody rude” people, don’t you think it’s a little too much? If he’s already rude to people he don’t know WITH her, who knows how terrible he treats other people BEHIND her.

If she calls you her best friend like you do, she would understand. Tell her how you feel about it in the most nicest way possible. Don’t tell anyone else about it as it will complicate the matter further (if you already have, don’t tell more) and talk it out when the two of you are alone. Let her go on another date with her boyfriend and see for herself. If she believes you but is still too much in love to give her boyfriend up, she would have to slow-talk and work things out with the guy. (If he deserves her, that is.)

Lets say things go wrong and she DOES think you’re jealous, then back off and let her be. You are only to say what you feel and respect her decision. You don’t want to be the reason for her unhappiness, do you? Nevertheless, keep the friendship going on and be there when she’s down – because sometimes, when love sucks, having friends are far much better than boyfriends (:

XO’s, TheGirlBlog

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